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April 27, 2017

25 Things “Future Forward” Means to KUBRA

As KUBRA continues to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we imagine what the years ahead will bring with our Future Forward campaign. The year-long campaign will be packed full of charitable causes, parties, and a few surprises. As we ramp up for our best year ever, we asked our employees what Future Forward means to them.

Whether you find yourself siding with the light-hearted or business-minded predictions, I think we can all agree it looks like it’s going to be a great year.



1. Setting the standard, not conforming to it!

2. Creating an infrastructure that is easily adaptable to whatever change the future requires.

3. Single login for all KUBRA products.

4. Virtual Reality.

5. Taking advantage of the education committee to develop new skills that will move me, my team, and KUBRA forward.

6. Alexa, how much is my utility bill? Alexa, pay my utility bill with my American Express.

7. Ice cream 4 breakfast.

8. Being proactive.

9. Multi-tenant Storm Center.

10. Making it easier to share information between teams.

11. Machine learning

12. The future is now and going forward our focus is how we achieve integration, better customer experience, and supreme technology with key features as differentiators. It is all encompassing since both words suggest “ahead” and how we get there as a company, organization, culture, etc. in the most efficient, expeditious and business optimized manner.

13. Looking and pushing ahead with innovative technology.

14. Flying cars.

15. Online (paperless) interactive billing.

16. Further connecting human interaction with technology.

17. Technology future proof. Clients are assured they are on the latest platform, technology or solution. Protect clients against future investment or expenditure to stay current.

18. Listening to “Back in Time” backwards.

19. Continuous improvement.

20. Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistants.

21. Stopping crime before it happens.

22. Design everything from the customer’s perspective. Involve customers in the design of self-service capabilities. Observe them as they try to accomplish activities important to them. Understand their requirements and true goals, and get their ideas on how to improve. Then, design services and workflows from the customer’s perspective, regardless of how systems are owned internally.

23. Improving communication internally at KUBRA, between KUBRA and our clients, and between our clients and their customers.

24. Reflecting on our past successes (and “failures”) in order to shape our future.

25. Being a better version of your present self.

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