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September 1, 2010

iFactor Partners with TFCC

iFactor Consulting recently partnered with Twenty First Century Communications, provider of utility communication solutions, to offer utilities new ways of using technology to connect people to information.  Both iFactor and TFCC have demonstrated a reliable understanding of the importance of utility communications, demonstrated by TFCC’s High Volume Call Answering system and iFactor’s Storm Center and Notifi Products.  With this new partnership, utilities can use High Volume Call Answering to manage the rush of calls during power outages, while utility customers can use Storm Center to view outages online and Notifi to interact with their utility through email and text messaging. As other iFactor blog articles have noted, communicating effectively with customers has a profoundly positive impact on customer satisfaction.  Jim Kennedy, TFCC chief executive officer, mentions that “Using TFCC technology to communicate with utility customers opens up the mobile communication channel and is a key step in reducing costs. But the biggest benefit for utilities is improved customer service.” And according to iFactor’s Brad Sileo, vice president of business development, letting utility customers decide how they want to communicate greatly improves customer service and increases customer satisfaction. “iFactor’s outage communications product suite dovetails perfectly with TFCC’s utility communications solution. Combining TFCC’s 20 years of utility experience with iFactor opens up web and mobile channels to utilities.” TFCC’s Utility Communication Solution handles a wide variety of common outage messages including real-time outage alerts, outage updates, planned events, and unplanned events. Other uses include reminders for billing & payment, service appointments, program enrollment, energy usage and load curtailment.