January 10, 2009

Article features Storm Center Implementation

The recent release of iFactor Consulting’s Storm Center on entergy.com, including the display of a red/green distribution network overlay, was featured in an article describing the benefits this solution will bring to Entergy’s customers. The new version of this site, deployed as part of improving customer service for regular operations and major events, includes a display of the distribution lines using red and green coloring to indicate the current power status. According to James Thompson, Entergy Arkansas senior communications specialist, “This detailed view of power availability is rare among power companies.” He continues saying, “Instead of showing a general area where power may be out, this new view shows customers exactly whether power is available on a given street.” The solution uses iFactor’s Smallworld Virtual Earth Connector, as well as the inherent support for complex layer data in iFactor’s Storm Center product. The full article can be seen on the Arkansas Matters website here. The implementation of Storm Center for outage communications at Entergy can be found at http://www.entergy.com/storm_center/outages.aspx.