June 24, 2020

5 Ways to Boost Customer Experience for Finance Professionals

As the chief money managers and finance professionals in your organization, you like to have a finger on the pulse of all things financial. Meaning, if there’s money involved, you want to know about it! You’re tasked with ensuring the overall financial health of the company. This involves managing risk, overseeing transactions, and analyzing financial results. It also includes identifying inconsistencies with accounts–among many other things! Staying on top of all that is challenging. 

You’ve got it under control but there are still a few things keeping you up at night. Like making sure customers get paid on time, ensuring that deposit issues are tracked effectively and resolved in a timely manner, and that you have the technology in place to identify payment fraud. 

One of the ways to your customers’ hearts is ensuring you can make the payment process as simple and hassle free as possible. Here are five tips to help you improve customer experience and keep tabs on all the money going in and out of your organization.

  1. Look at the Big Picture – It’s tempting to compartmentalize tasks. But if you’re looking to improve customer experience, we recommend you take a step back and review your entire customer journey. Having an integrated communications strategy helps improve customer satisfaction by giving them a seamless experience. Communication, whether it’s related to payments, service disruptions, or accounts, should come from the same source. And, don’t put your mobile apps in a corner. Allow them to shine by using them for multiple tasks, not just a payment app or tool for reporting issues.
  2. Give Customers Payment Options – Doesn’t matter if it’s their daily dose of caffeine or how they want to pay-people want options. In fact, KUBRA research shows that most people list more than one payment channel as their preference for paying bills. By offering channels like digital, in-person, and telephone you make sure you have something for everyone. Even the person who orders a non-fat, half-caf, light foam, almond milk latte.
  3. Make It Easy – Nobody likes paying bills. Making it as simple as possible can ease the pain. Try looking at your payment options from the perspective of your customers and then make sure you remove any obstacles standing in the way of them making a payment on time. Offering automatic payments and allowing customers to use a single password for web and mobile app authentication is a great start. Whether customers are looking at bills online, in a mobile app, or on paper, the bill should be easy to read and understand.
  4. Send Them the Reminder They Need – According to KUBRA research, one of the primary reasons your customers still like to receive a paper bill is because it serves as a reminder to pay. Let them choose a greener option by offering reminder tools such as Notifi alerts or Smart Reminders using KUBRA EZ-PAY through both email and SMS to support on-time payments and to encourage the use of digital payment channels.
  5. Make Your Life Easier – Tracking account balances and received payments is challenging enough. KUBRA iDoxs ensures you have a system that offers the reporting and reconciliation tools you need and the transparency into bills your customers desire. 

KUBRA solutions offer both convenient payment options for customers and extensive tracking and reporting tools for you that ensure payment security. Not only are you able to improve customer satisfaction, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that KUBRA is helping you stay on top of the numbers so the cash is flowing in the right direction.