March 29, 2010

E.ON U.S. Releases Outage Maps with Storm Center

E.ON U.S. has updated its website with new power outage maps built on iFactor’s Storm Center™ product. The new website provides details about outages to customers of E.ON U.S. subsidiaries Louisville Gas & Electric Company, Kentucky Utilities Company, and Old Dominion Power Company, as well as to the media, emergency responders, and public officials on both blue sky and storm days. The solution was designed as part of the overall response to the 2009 ice storms in Kentucky and has been tested to handle the extreme loads the E.ON U.S. website would face in a similar event in the future. This includes supporting up to 2,500 concurrent users on the page accessing information on outages which could affect several hundred thousand customers. Users of the website can access detailed information on each outage being worked, included estimated restoration times, outage causes, customers affected, and the boundary of the incident. The  system also provides summary data by ZIP code and county in both map and tabular formats. E.ON U.S.’s solution includes support for updating the website with global alert messages and easy administration of the site using the Storm Center Administration Console. The new website is available to the public at (UPDATE: The website is now hosted on the LG&E and KU website here.) Local and national media outlets offered several reports on the new solution, helping E.ON U.S. get the word out to their customers about investments they have made to improve customer service and communications.