September 10, 2019

Georgia Power Keeps its 2.6 Million Customers Informed with KUBRA Storm Center™

Georgia Power, one of the nation’s largest electric utility companies, launched KUBRA Storm Center to its 2.6 million customers in Atlanta, Georgia in May 2019. Storm Center is an industry-leading outage map that provides utility customers with real-time updates during a storm or power outage, including outage location, causes, and restoration time.

Previously, Georgia Power was using an older version of Storm Center. With this upgrade, Georgia Power customers, from residential, commercial, and industrial, can access advanced map features during an outage.

These enhanced features allow customers to “nickname” their bookmarked locations such as “home” or “work” to quickly view or report an outage in their area. Additionally, with this upgrade, users can access Georgia Power social channels and links to relevant resources, like map instructions, directly from their map. Georgia Power uses KUBRA Storm Center in tandem with KUBRA Notifi®, a multi-channel alert and preference management platform, so customers can enroll in important outage and weather alerts via text, email, or phone calls.

Georgia Power benefits from a Control Center that allows internal staff to include specific information on the map, like the option to display an alert banner at the top. They can also place ad hoc icons on the map to highlight information such as an outage location. When software and feature updates become available, Georgia Power can instantly test and apply these updates at no additional cost. Additionally, Storm Center operates on the Google Maps platform, a transition from the Bing Maps platform formerly used by Georgia Power. The shift to Google Maps delivers better usability and performance than Bing Maps.

Georgia Power Outage Map
View of the Georgia Power Storm Center map


Georgia Power Outage Map
Customers can click on a map icon to view details about an outage in a specific area


Links to social channels and additional resources can be found in the top left corner of the map


The newly implemented Storm Center takes a mobile-centric approach, delivering significant design improvements and expanded features such as responsive design, optimized performance capacity, and an enhanced user interface. Georgia Power customers can also view the Storm Center 5 map and enable notifications from

About Georgia Power

Georgia Power is the largest electric subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO), America’s premier energy company. Value, Reliability, Customer Service and Stewardship are the cornerstones of the company’s promise to 2.6 million customers in all but four of Georgia’s 159 counties. Committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy at rates below the national average, Georgia Power maintains a diverse, innovative generation mix that includes nuclear, coal and natural gas, as well as renewables such as solar, hydroelectric and wind. Georgia Power focuses on delivering world-class service to its customers every day and the company is consistently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

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