June 18, 2014

Gulf Power Adds Outage Alert System to Communication Options

On May 9, Gulf Power announced the launch of its outage alert system, powered by the KUBRA Notifi product. The alert system allows Gulf Power customers to sign up for power outage alerts and updates by text message, email, or telephone call.

Example of two-way text messaging using the Gulf Power shortcode

Two-way text messaging example

The program also includes two-way text messaging, which allows Gulf Power customers to send text commands (REG to register for alerts, OUT to report an outage, or STAT to request outage status) to Gulf Power’s shortcode, MyGulf (694853).

According to Gulf Power’s FAQ for the alerts system, outage alerts will be sent within 15 minutes of the start of the outage, and status updates will be sent if the estimated restoration time changes by more than 45 minutes.

To promote the alerts system to customers, Gulf Power posted announcements on its Facebook and Twitter pages and issued a press release.

Gulf Power’s press release about the alert system notes that the system “works in tandem with Gulf Power’s new power outage app,” which was announced in March.

Natalie Smith, Gulf Power spokesperson, was quoted in the press release as saying, “This is the kind of service you won’t need often thanks to our power grid’s high reliability, but it’s a good idea to go ahead and download the app or sign up for our outage alerts before hurricane season.”

For more information about KUBRA’s role in developing Gulf Power’s outage communications system, check out our previous posts or contact us at info@kubra.com.