April 16, 2013

iFactor is One of the Top Short Code Application Providers in the US!

iFactor has been recognized as one of the top short code application providers in the United States, included on a list of 44 companies released by the Common Short Code Administration.

iFactor assists utility companies with procuring and managing short codes that work with our Notifi product, enabling proactive notices and 2-Way communication via SMS. Notifi provides utilities with a proactive and interactive communications system on SMS, voice, and email channels. Currently, Notifi implementations reach over 60 million consumers, providing them with vital energy usage and account information.

Utilities can use Notifi to provide automated, proactive notices about bill due dates, payment receipts, or account status, or to send weather notices or direct marketing messages. Utilities can also use Notifi to place phone calls or to send out hundreds of thousands of SMS or email messages to customers who have lost power in a storm, notifying them of estimated restoration times or providing emergency information. Utility customers can use a shortcode integrated with Notifi to text in to their utility to check an account balance, pay a bill, check energy usage, report an outage, or request an outage update.