June 12, 2019

Oncor Storm Center Map Sees Over 3.6 Million Views After Severe Thunderstorm

On Sunday, June 9, 2019, a severe thunderstorm swept through Texas and left wide swaths of damage in its wake. Oncor, the utility company serving the areas hit by the storm, saw widespread outages throughout its service territory. At the peak of the storm, Oncor experienced over 15,000 outages, affecting about 363,000 customers. Facing a territory filled with fallen trees, downed power lines, destroyed distribution equipment, and poor driving conditions, Oncor immediately began the process of restoration.

Both during and after the storm, Oncor customers were able to keep updated on the status of restoration by visiting Oncor’s Storm Center outage map, provided by KUBRA. The map is updated dynamically and uses icons on a Google Maps platform to show where known outages are located, as well as an estimated time of restoration. This has been a huge resource for customers, and the map has seen over 3.6 million views in the last three days, with over 70.7% of visitors being first-time users of the map. The map is built on a responsive platform and is therefore able to be viewed on mobile and tablets just as easily as desktop. In fact, 74.6% of visitors viewed the map on a mobile device, with 21.1% on desktop and 4.3% on tablets.



The Oncor outage map also proved useful to the media in Dallas. The local NBC affiliate, CDFW 5, used the map in one of their segments to show the extent of the storm damage and encourage customers to use it to view estimated times of restoration.



At the time of publication, Oncor was still working hard to restore power across its service territory and was down to approximately 25,000 customers without power. The utility was using about 1,500 Oncor employees and 500 contractors, along with approximately 2,400 workers from 11 other states to help restore power, as reported by Dallas News. Oncor is estimating that the majority of customers will have power back by late tonight.


About Oncor

​Headquartered in Dallas, Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC is a regulated electric transmission and distribution service provider that serves nearly 10 million customers across Texas. Using cutting edge technology, more than 4,000 employees work to safely maintain reliable electric delivery service with the largest distribution and transmission system in Texas; made up of approximately 137,000 miles of lines and more than 3.6 million meters across the state.


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