Pre-Pay Energy Solution

KUBRA PRE-PAY Load and Go Payments

KUBRA PRE-PAY allows utility customers to add money to their utility account before energy is used. As the power is consumed, the pre-paid balance declines. 

Integration Capabilities

KUBRA PRE-PAY integrates with utilities’ existing customer information systems (CIS) for quick and easy onboarding.

Automated Customer Communications

Customers receive custom notifications and alerts to stay informed about their energy usage and pre-paid balance.

Convenient Power Estimators

PRE-PAY helps customers predict how much money to add to their pre-pay account based on a selected number of days. Customers can access the PRE-PAY dashboard and tools from any device, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Multiple Payment Types and Structured Paydown Plans

Billers give customers the ability to choose how they pay using credit cards, debit cards, or ACH payments. PRE-PAY facilitates a structured program that allows customers to pay off their debt while keeping the power on.

Reporting and Analytics

Billers have access to payment data reports that deliver valuable insights and information, such as the number of disconnects and reconnects.