KUBRA Municipal Portal

Interactive Map

The stakeholder portal includes an outage map that provides the same information as Storm Centerâ„¢ Outage Mapping along with additional information intended for your employees and community stakeholders. For example, the map can include information about outages affecting critical accounts (such as hospitals, water treatment plants, fire stations, and police stations) or about transformers affected by outages.

Critical Accounts List

The stakeholder portal allows users to view a list of critical accounts in their area, with additional details such as transformer number, account number, address, and contact information. During outages, the list highlights critical accounts that are affected and allows stakeholder users to provide restoration priority rankings and comments for each account affected by an outage. You can also provide contact information or other notes for stakeholder users about overall restoration plans and progress.

Alerts for Stakeholders

Stakeholder users can add contact information and register to receive alerts by email or text message about their area and its critical infrastructure. Users can also subscribe to receive updates on an outage affecting an individual account or outage threshold alerts about the total number of customers affected or the total number of outages in their area.