October 15, 2015

Dominion Completes Power Outage Map, First Phase of Outage Communications Project

Starting September 17, Dominion Power began providing a new interactive power outage map and outage summary list for its customers. The new map provides updated information every 15 minutes, and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

The outage map is the first of several planned outage communications project phases at Dominion Power. Future project phases will provide enhancements to administrative tools and an additional portal for secure access by external stakeholders.

Dominion power outage map with outage info box

Using the map, Dominion customers can explore the map to see general locations for all outages in Dominion’s service area, or search for a specific location to get status information and an estimated restoration time for any nearby work requests. The outage summary list shows the number of customers out of power and the total number of customers served by area and county, and also provides links to each area and county on the outage map.

Dominion power outage summary list

In a news release about the outage map, Becky Merritt, vice president of Customer Service for Dominion, said, “This new outage map provides greater access to the information customers need to help us restore their power quickly in the event of an outage. It also provides information to help manage their lives and reduce the inconvenience.”

Dominion power outage map - Twitter promotion
Dominion Twitter post

In addition to the news release, Dominion promoted the new map on its Twitter account. Dominion also provides a “how to” video for customers to see the map in action. The local CBS news affiliate in Charlottesville, Virginia featured a video of the outage map in a story they covered about Dominion Power’s restoration planning and training.

Virginia newscasters discuss Dominion power outage map
The CBS coverage noted that because the Dominion outage map is available on mobile devices (such as an iPad) customers can access the map even during a power outage.

About Dominion

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