Electronic Bill Presentment

KUBRA iDoxs® Suite is a cloud-based e-billing and self-service platform that allows you to optimize the revenue lifecycle, improving operational efficiency, customer service, and competitive advantage. We combine multiple e-bill delivery models and options for one-time or enrolled payments with customer self-service and analytics, outbound interactive messaging, and document archival and retrieval.

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On-Demand Payments

KUBRA EZ-PAY® allows customers to make last-minute, on-demand payments through digital, in-person, and voice channels using their preferred payment type. KUBRA enables you to accept payments from both customers enrolled in self-service and e-billing applications, and non-enrolled customers who prefer to make one-time, guest bill payments.

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Policyholder Communications

Improve both TCPA compliance and policyholder satisfaction by proactively communicating with policyholders in their channel of choice. Our preference management solution lets your policyholders choose the channels they want you to use to let them know about new policy documents, billing, claims, and more.

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Benefits of KUBRA Solutions

  • Increased Policyholder Satisfaction – Give your policyholders the timely, consistent communication they want.
  • Reduced Cost – Share information and give policyholders digital and self-service options that help streamline your operations and optimize your agents’ valuable time.
  • Leading-Edge Technology – Our cloud-based, integrated solutions help you stay up to date in a world of rapidly evolving mobile and digital technologies.