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Billing and Payments

Help meet growing customer expectations and improve days sales outstanding by offering your customers the billing and payment options they want. KUBRA solutions let customers view and pay bills by mail, in person, over the phone, online, via email, by text message, or with a native mobile app. Alerts keep customers up to date on account balances, bill due dates, and payment status. We also offer services including document composition, printing and mailing, and payment remittance processing.

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Outage Communications

Increase customer satisfaction using proactive and transparent communication during outages. KUBRA solutions allow customers to view outages using interactive maps, report outages from maps or by text message, and receive outage updates via email, automated voice, text message, and mobile app channels.

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Account Management

Give your customers instant access to account management tools with mobile apps. Improve both TCPA compliance and customer satisfaction by communicating with customers in their channel of choice. Our preference management solution lets your customers choose the channels they want you to use to let them know about billing, outages, service requests, and more.

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Customer Engagement

Increase program participation and improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with instant access to energy usage data, account information, and integrated home automation functionality. KUBRA solutions also help you engage customers in demand response, energy efficiency, and other special programs.

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Usage Management

Empower customers to reduce their usage and engage them with proactive usage alerts and messaging. Our solutions can provide the real-time usage information customers want and even help them control appliances such as thermostats with integrated home automation.

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Interactive Maps

Make it easy for customers to let you know about streetlight outages and other issues with interactive maps, and streamline your repair process with customizable online reporting forms that integrate with your back-office systems. Keep customers informed about their natural gas service with interactive maps that share information about service changes and leaks in their area. Publicize your infrastructure investments with maps that show customers where and when you are making improvements.

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Marketing Services

Make the most of new communication tools with our Document Redesign and Adoption Marketing services. Our team of professionals uses research and experience to help make your communications the best they can be, optimizing your marketing budget and improving customer engagement with e-billing.

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Benefits of KUBRA Solutions

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – Give your customers the timely, consistent information they want with solutions that integrate with your operating systems.
  • Reduced Cost – Sharing information with customers and giving them digital and self-service options let you streamline operations while optimizing team members’ valuable time.
  • Improved Compliance – From federal CAN-SPAM and TCPA to local regulations, KUBRA solutions help you keep up with ever-changing rules for customer communications.
  • Leading-Edge Technology – Our cloud-based, integrated solutions help you stay up-to-date in a world of rapidly evolving mobile and digital technologies.