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March 5, 2018

KUBRA Provides Over 15 Million Interactions During Powerful Winter Storms

During the first week of March, the East Coast of the U.S. experienced a devastating “bomb cyclone” when Winter Storm Riley, brought on by a powerful Nor’easter, struck with heavy rain and flooding. Meanwhile on the West Coast, California was hit with a blizzard and left under a blanket of thick snow.¹ With these storms came injury, property damage, and power outages. Riley alone knocked out power for over one million customers, and restoration efforts are still ongoing.²

As the leading provider of customer experience solutions for utilities, KUBRA provided outage communications for multiple affected utilities during the storms. As utilities rushed to restore power to customers across the coasts, many customers were able to utilize self-service solutions to remain up-to-speed on repairs. Key communication channels provided by KUBRA included Notifi, Storm Center, and iMobile products.

The KUBRA Notifi product helps utilities send out alerts via email, voice, text, and push notifications—and allows customers to manage their own communication preferences. Throughout Winter Storm Riley and the West Coast blizzard, alerts were sent out to customers all across the country.


In addition to Notifi implementations, KUBRA also had 14 Storm Center outage maps deployed in the affected states. This dynamic tool is extremely useful to not only keep customers and the media informed, but to also provide an easy way to report outages and to track the overall outage status of the service territory.


From March 2-4, KUBRA provided 15,359,799 interactions for utility customers via the iMobile, Storm Center, and Notifi solutions.

While the impacts brought on by Riley are slowly being mitigated on the East Coast, another storm is fast approaching. Winter Storm Quinn is expected to make landfall late Tuesday, March 6. KUBRA will continue providing consistent and reliable service to our clients, while improving our systems for any storms to come.

To see what several of the outage maps in the area looked like during the peak of the storms, view screenshots from March 2, 2018 below.

National Grid New York Outage Map


ConEdison Outage Map


SMECO Outage Map


¹ NPR. “At Least 5 Killed As Both Coasts Weather Major Winter Storms.” March 2018.

² CNN. “Storm Whips Northeast with Rain, Floods; Over 1 Million Customers Lose Power.” March 2018.