March 26, 2018

March of the Nor’easters

March of 2018 will not quickly be forgotten by residents on the East coast of the United States—or the utility companies that serve them. In less than three weeks, Winter Storms Riley, Quinn, Skylar, and Toby all brought heavy snow, high winds, and poor visibility to the area. Trees collapsed, schools were closed, and casualties climbed as the four Nor’easters struck the coast one after another. Power outages rose to the millions, and utility providers scrambled to restore services as quickly and safely as possible.  

Throughout these restoration efforts, it was critical that affected utilities were able to communicate with customers in clear and efficient ways. Many utilities depended on KUBRA solutions to reach customers with outage updates and estimated times of restoration, as well as to provide an accessible way for customers to report outages. Two key solutions were helpful in providing utilities the means by which they were able to communicate conveniently with customers—KUBRA NotifiⓇ alerts and Storm Center™ outage maps.

The KUBRA Notifi product helped utilities send out alerts via email, voice, text, and push notifications—and allows customers to manage their own communication preferences. Throughout the month of March,  over 17 million messages were sent using this platform. In addition to the Notifi implementations, KUBRA also had many Storm Center outage maps deployed during the storms. This powerful tool kept customers and the media informed, while providing an easy way for users to report outages and track the overall outage status of a given service territory. During March, these outage maps were accessed over 27 million times.

While these four storms had devastating impacts to the East coast, utility companies across the area mitigated the crisis by providing information proactively. and responding to customers requests promptly and clearly. KUBRA is proud to have supported the customer communication services throughout the storms—and our thoughts go out to all of those who were affected.


To see what several of the outage maps in the area looked like during the peak of the storms, view screenshots below.

Central Hudson Outage Map, March 2018


PSEG Long Island Outage Map, March 2018


SMECO Outage Map, March 2018