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March 9, 2018

Millions Depend on Outage Solutions During Second Nor’easter Winter Storm

Hot on the heels of Winter Storm Riley, Winter Storm Quinn pounded the Northeast Coast on March 7-8. With Riley came high winds and flooding, while Quinn brought heavy “Thundersnow” to the barely-recovered landscape.¹ Both storms caused millions of outages—brought on by downed trees and power lines. As the leading provider of customer experience solutions for utilities, KUBRA provided outage communications for affected customers during both storms.

As utilities rushed to restore power to customers across the coast, many customers were able to utilize self-service solutions to remain up-to-speed on repairs. Key communication channels were provided by KUBRA Notifi, Storm Center, and iMobile app products. The KUBRA Notifi product helps utilities send out alerts via email, voice, text, and push notification and allows customers to report outages and check outage status via text. KUBRA also had multiple Storm Center outage maps deployed in the affected states. This dynamic tool is extremely useful in keeping both customers and the media informed, but also by providing an easy way to report outages and to track the overall outage status of the service territory.

Throughout Winter Storm Quinn, utility customers viewed KUBRA outage maps more than four million times, and over three million alerts were distributed.

This early March weather dealt a heavy blow to the Northeastern Coast—and the recovery process has just begun. KUBRA will continue providing consistent and reliable service to our clients, while improving our systems for any storms to come.

To see what several of the outage maps in the area looked like during the peak of the storms, view screenshots below.

FirstEnergy Outage Map


Central Hudson Outage Map
Central Hudson Outage Map


Dominion Energy Outage Map


PSEG Long Island Outage Map


¹ The Weather Channel. “Winter Storm Quinn Hammers the Northeast With 3 Feet of Snow in Some Places (Recap)”. 2018.