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September 12, 2017

New White Paper Explores Top E-Bill Solutions

The road to above average e-bill adoption is also the road to customer satisfaction. Over the past 15 years, this road has been repaved several times, covering up what didn’t work and making way for new technologies that help organizations reach their ultimate destination.

When utilities, big and small, are faced with growing customer expectations and an ever-changing technology landscape, how are they expected to keep up? As a leader in billing and payment solutions, KUBRA understands the challenges utilities face today and the top e-bill models that drive paperless adoption along with a superior customer experience.


Current E-Bill Modules include:

Biller Direct

Biller direct makes bill images available on biller websites for customers to view and pay online. Of the top e-bill channels, biller direct is the most popular model with the highest overall adoption rates.

Bank and Bill Consolidator

With online bank bill pay, customers receive paper bills and visit their bank website to pay the bill electronically. This model is ideal for customers who are comfortable with banking timelines and trust bank or credit union sites to process their bill payments.

Mobile and Mobile Apps

10 percent of Americans are smartphone-dependent, therefore providing customers a way to interact on mobile platforms is essential. A complete mobile e-billing solution should include SMS text communications, mobile-friendly websites, and native mobile apps.

Secure Email

Secure Email allows customers to view and pay their bill directly and securely from an email message. Customers who prefer email as their point of aggregation and don’t want to access a website to view an online bill are ideal candidates for this payment option.


In a way, the road to above average e-bill adoption isn’t a road at all, but an intersection of optimized paths. The key to achieving 70 to 100 percent paperless billing and boosting customer experience lies in the volume of choices offered to customers.

For an in-depth look at the top e-billing models and why you should consider integrating them into your e-bill strategy, download our white paper, “Energize Paperless Adoption Rates with Top E-Billing Models” here.