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April 18, 2018

Partnering with Millennial Utility Customers

There are 80 million millennial individuals in the United States—and this generation will soon account for 30% of the utility industry’s customer base. Millennials are well-known for embracing this exciting age of technology, convenience, and innovation. In order to best partner with these customers, utilities should consider common preferences and trends.

Utilities and millennials can develop a strong symbiotic relationship by actively engaging with one another. Millennials trust utilities to keep their power on, keep them safe, and to let them know if either of those things is compromised. Utilities can trust millennials to report outages, help lower costs, and save energy—as long as they’ve been given the tools to do so.

Utilities can work with millennials to strengthen the industry while providing improved customer service. To learn more about how to develop open communication, download the white paper: How Millennials Will Disrupt and Empower the Utility Industry. For a snapshot of millennial preferences, download the infographic: Following Millennials.