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May 11, 2017

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: The Value of Full-Color Print

Gold brick road on grass with sun and blue sky

When Dorothy arrived in a colorful Munchkinland, a shift to color did more than enhance the viewing experience. The added colors were used as guides that moved the story forward. Lost in an unfamiliar world, it was the bright yellow brick road that guided Dorothy to her loyal friends and ultimately the wizard, and it was the unmistakable emerald green city that Dorothy recognized as Oz. Just like in the Wizard of Oz, introducing full color will do more than just enhance the viewing experience for your customers. When used strategically on invoices, color can be an effective tool to guide customers, increase brand recognition, and even reduce print-related costs.

A move from black and white or pre-printed stock to full-color invoices will grant more opportunities to drive action and clarify even the most complex invoices. It is easy to see why 76 percent of consumers find that color helps them locate information more efficiently. Color goes beyond simple text, guiding the eye to critical information and organizing the content in a way that is easier to comprehend. Use color in the following ways:


  • Draw attention to amount due and overdue balance
  • Feature multiple payment options available
  • Highlight critical messages
  • Call attention to customer savings


  • Simplify line items with visible lines or boxes
  • Associate line items with the corresponding product or service


  • Advertise additional services. Solutions such as KUBRA iMail™ allow for segmented bill messaging to help target the right customers with messages.

The addition of full-color will also increase brand recognition. Customers are receiving an average of 7.8 bills per month, which can lead to paying the wrong bill or other errors. Using brand colors can clear up any confusion, promoting fewer baffled customer calls into call centers and greater customer satisfaction. With a new generation of utility customers on the horizon, a population of 80 million millennials who detest calling into customer service, a focus on enhancing the customer experience should be a priority.

A current top priority for more utilities and organizations is cost savings. The costs associated with printing in full color can be offset by using color to drive on-time payments, implementing effective transpromotional messaging, and consolidating transactional and direct mail through the use of onserts. Research shows that when critical information is highlighted in color on an invoice, 43 percent of consumers are more likely to pay on time and 31 percent are more likely to pay the full amount due. This translates to a significant increase in on-time payments and substantial reduction in payment collection and processing costs. A shift into full-color invoices also means you can take direct mail messaging inserts and place them directly on the bill, putting the message in front of the customer, and saving on direct mail postage.

So when your organization weighs the positive and negative factors associated with moving to full-color print, think about the pathway created by that yellow brick road and the recognition of Emerald City. On-time payments, brand loyalty, and cost-savings – it pays to make a regular communication touchpoint easy to comprehend and analyze.

For more information, download our white paper on “The Value of Color and Its Influence on Billing and Payments” here.