September 5, 2019

Innovative government payment solutions – it’s a thing! Our new webinar explains.

2019 Citizen Billing and Payment Trends – KUBRA Government Report
Tuesday, September 24 at 10:00 A.M. PST / 1:00 P.M. EST

Gaining an understanding of the current landscape of citizen billing and payment preferences allows government entities like yours to create stronger connections with citizens and deliver greater, more satisfying experiences. As a thought leader in the government billing space, KUBRA conducted a survey of U.S. citizens to research their current billing and payment behaviors and we are reviewing our findings in our upcoming webinar!

Join us as we share how you can use citizen data and behavioral insights to improve your citizens’ payment and billing experience and prepare for the years ahead.  

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Receive an overview of the recent KUBRA Citizen Billing and Payment Report
  • Learn current U.S. citizen billing and payment trends
  • Hear predictions on how trends will continue to evolve 
  • Learn about ways you can capitalize on today’s current behavioral trends to increase citizen experiences and satisfaction



Shaun Jackson
SVP of Marketing, KUBRA



Troy Cope
Director, KUBRA