Billing and Payments

KUBRA offers a complete and fully integrated portfolio of e-billing, e-payment, and print-based solutions for managing the customer billing and payment process. Whether you want to provide mobile and online payment options or redesign your bill templates, we can help. Our solutions are tailored to your company’s needs, and can often eliminate multiple vendors.

KUBRA iDoxs E-Bill Delivery

KUBRA iDoxs Suite® is a cloud-based e-billing and self-service platform that offers multiple e-billing delivery models, online payments, inbound e-payment consolidation, and a comprehensive document indexing, archival, and retrieval system. The platform integrates with your website and back-end systems, allowing you to control content and maintain brand consistency across platforms.

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KUBRA EZ-PAY On-Demand Payments

KUBRA EZ-PAY® lets customers view bills and make payments online, over the phone, or in-person by credit card, debit card, cash, or electronic check. This KUBRA-branded payment solution lets customers make one-time payments and allows customers to enroll for additional benefits such as making payments to multiple service providers, receiving smart alerts, saving multiple payment methods, and scheduling recurring payments.

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KUBRA iMail Document Printing and Mailing

KUBRA iMail™ lets you compose and design business-critical documents that maximize the impact of each customer engagement. We work with you to create and design bills, statements, invoices, and letters and then provide complete outsourcing solutions where we compose, print, insert, and mail them at our state-of-the-art facilities across North America. KUBRA iMail lets you monitor the entire process from data processing to mail finishing in real time.

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KUBRA PRE-PAY Energy Solution

KUBRA PRE-PAY allows utility customers to add money to their utility account before energy is used. As the power is consumed, the account is charged, and the pre-paid balance declines. This “load and go” model provides customers with flexible payment options, leading to increased on-time customer payments and decreased utility costs.

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KUBRA iRemit Remittance Processing

KUBRA iRemit™ consolidates remittance data from multiple channels into a single Accounts Receivable stream. This gives you a single data file to integrate with your CIS and treasury systems with better visibility, fewer support requirements, and lower costs. KUBRA iRemit supports remittance data from paper checks, pay-any-one networks, e-bill payments, and walk-in payments.

We also provide lockbox services for secure paper remittance processing including mail receipt, mail opening and extraction, document scanning, recognition and image repair/key correction, data file balancing, creation and distribution, depositing, information tracking and reporting, and a check image archive.

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