Mobile Apps

Billing and Payments

Integration with the KUBRA iDoxs® Suite E-Billing Platform provides e-bills and mobile bill payment options to keep your customers up to date from anywhere. You can also improve customer engagement by providing usage statistics, policy conditions, or other information; tools that help customers understand how their bill works; or alternative billing options such as budget billing or time-of-use plans.

Account Management

Mobile apps can help your customers feel empowered by giving them access to information about their account and easy-to-use tools for making changes, reviewing events, or submitting requests.

Interactive Maps and Issue Reporting

Use interactive utility maps to show your customers how your work relates to them. Integrated report forms with customizable fields allow you to collect the information you need to let your customers report outages or other problems directly from the map, and GPS tags help you know both how to help and where to go.

Notifications and Preference Management

Including the Alerts and Preference Management Notifi® Mobile App SDK allows your customers to register for push notifications. Links within push notifications can connect to specific areas of the app, prompting customers to pay a bill or giving them the option to call a customer service representative to follow up on a service request. Preference management in an app lets customers add or update contact information or messaging preferences at any time.

Photo Transactions

Our mobile apps can use the camera in a mobile device to allow customers to complete transactions such as submitting a photo meter reading or including pictures with a claim, outage report, or repair request.