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Customer Experiences
are the Foundation of
Customer Satisfaction

From online payments to proactive alerts, web maps, mobile apps, and printed documents, we make customer experiences more efficient and impactful.

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What will customer experience management solutions mean to you?

Improved Customer

Exceed customer expectations by providing the timely information they need and the self-service tools they want.

Reduced Costs

Optimize operational efficiency and maximize collections with the latest payment technologies and communication channels.

Better Compliance

Ensure you’re complying with the ever-changing rules for data handling and communications with KUBRA solutions.


Provide customers the information they need about outages, billing, and payments, as well as self-service tools for managing accounts and energy usage.


Manage billing and payments and communicate more effectively with policyholders. At the same time, give your agents the information they need with alerts and document retrieval tools.


Offer tools for managing payments and reporting issues in your area. Use alerts to keep citizens informed and digital document retrieval tools to keep employees up to date.

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There are 80 million millennial individuals in the United States—and this generation will soon account for 30% of the utility industry’s customer base. Millennials are well-known for embracing this exciting age of technology, convenience, and innovation. In order to best partner with these customers, utilities should consider common preferences and trends. Utilities and millennials can develop a… Continue reading

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