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KUBRA Celebrates 25 Years

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Founded in 1992 in Mississauga, Ontario, KUBRA was created to receive data for the production and mailing of bills, invoices and statements as an outsourced service for B2B businesses. In 1996, KUBRA expanded into the U.S. market and subsequently moved away from its legacy B2B and newspaper clients to focus on serving the U.S. utility space including water, gas, electric and waste management providers.

Since then, KUBRA has launched a number of industry-leading customer experience products, including our KUBRA iDoxs® e-billing solution, KUBRA EZ-PAY® on-demand payment solution, secure email bill delivery solution, mobile e-billing products, in-person payment solutions, automated alerts and preference management, comprehensive mobile apps and customer-facing utility maps.

KUBRA has pivoted its business from an “Interactions” company to a “Customer Experience Management” organization, and today provides more than one billion customer experience interactions annually through deployments at more than 550 utility, insurance and government clients.



“It’s with great pride that I join our employees, clients and partners in celebrating KUBRA’s 25th anniversary. Our success and longevity is due not only to the ongoing advancements and continuous improvement of our products, but also to the people who have made it possible.”

Rick Watkin – President and CEO


Our Commitment to Future Generations

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2020, an estimated one million computer programming jobs in the U.S. will go unfilled.

In an effort to mitigate this deficit and invest in the future, KUBRA will partner with throughout this year to help ensure that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science. KUBRA proudly pledges to support 2,500 students across the nation on their journey to learn code® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities. To learn more about, watch the short video below and visit


The Next 25 Years – A Look to the Future

We’re excited to be part of the future of customer experience management. As technology continues to advance and our clients look for more opportunities to engage customers and improve customer satisfaction through better experiences, KUBRA will continue to look for new ways to push the industry forward.

As we look to the future, we’ll look for new opportunities to leverage advancements in technologies to improve the customer experience. Some of these advancements include incorporating home automation, social media, mobile solutions and smart grid technologies into our systems.

We look forward to another 25 years of good business, great partnerships and new technologies!