October 15, 2019

Announcing the Latest Version of Notifi® with Intelligent, Two-Way Conversations

We’re excited to announce that KUBRA has released its latest version of Notifi®! Notifi is a fully-automated alert and preference management system that provides industries, including utilities, government, and insurance, with an enhanced way to communicate with their customers and audiences.

The latest Notifi version leverages KUBRA IQ natural language processing (NLP) technology to facilitate more authentic two-way conversations using everyday language instead of preset phrases or keywords. Rather than being restricted to keywords like “Yes,” “No,” “STOP, and “PAY,” users can communicate with companies and government using complete sentences. Notifi responds with human-like responses that help end-users complete tasks with greater ease. 

Conversations are industry-specific. Supported interactions include:

  • Request account balance
  • Ask for energy efficiency tips
  • Enroll in e-billing
  • Show payment history
  • Show usage details
  • Report or check a power outage
  • Check power outage status
  • Pay taxes, parking, or other fees
  • Request garbage pickup information
  • Request street cleaning information
  • Report road issues
  • Voting reminders
  • Find polling locations

Available channels include:

  • Email
  • SMS text message
  • Pre-recorded or text-to-speech voice message
  • IVR

Top new Notifi features include:

  • Intelligent, Two-Way Conversations Powered by KUBRA IQ™, NLP provides human-like conversations between the end-user and a bot for greater efficiency through channels such as SMS text, email, Facebook, and Amazon Alexa. Responses are customizable and matched to user intents for effective communication. 
  • New Conversation-Based Message History – Clients can get to know their end-users’ needs better by analyzing their interactions in real time. Administrators can view entire conversations, search by message content, and filter by channels and dates. Message history updates automatically for real-time data sharing and reporting. 
  • Message Template Editor – Allows clients to easily edit proactive message templates and view changes before they go live using the convenient preview feature for HTML, SMS, and push notifications.
  • New Configurable Messaging Service – The API feature supports sending messages via apps (e.g. Facebook and Twilio) and integrations for a seamless experience.
  • Enhanced IVR Support – The call transfer with configurable caller ID combined with Amazon Web Services Polly text-to-speech helps reduce call volume. With more than 30 languages and accents, Polly gives clients the ability to find the ideal voice and avoid the cost of recording IVR messages with professional voice talent.

Request a demo to learn about the latest version of Notifi and improve your customer communications.