April 6, 2021

Billers Need Options as Canada Post Eliminates Its epost Service

Canada Post is set to discontinue its epost service by December 2022. The online document presentment service that allows users to view their bills and statements online, and conveniently make payments, will be phased out over the next two years. 

What Is epost?

epost was launched in 1999 as an affordable and secure way for banks, utilities, and retailers to send bills and other documents to their customers. Customers can conveniently view all their bills in one place and make payments through major banks. epost supports different payment options and is accessible from a customer’s online banking site, mobile app, or the Canada Post website. For more information on the discontinuation of epost, click here.

KUBRA iDoxs® Suite: A Comprehensive E-Billing Platform

For businesses looking for new digital bill presentment options for their customers, KUBRA has a number of solutions that can help ease the transition from epost and improve self-service options. 

KUBRA iDoxs offers e-billing solutions, including delivery, online payments, inbound e-payment consolidation, and a comprehensive document indexing, archival, and retrieval system. 

The following solutions can help businesses bridge the gap following the wind-down of epost:

  • KUBRA iDoxs Biller-Direct Website integrates with your website to support e-bill presentment to your customers. The Biller-Direct Website allows customers to conveniently view and pay their bills directly through the biller’s website. This solution provides consumption and usage information and graphs, copies of current and previous bills, one-time and recurring payments, payment scheduling tools, payment wallet and payment history, and preference management options for e-bill alerts. 
  • KUBRA iDoxs Secure Email Delivery provides a streamlined e-bill delivery option that drives customer engagement and operational efficiencies. It allows you to send customers an email that includes payment options integrated with a secure PDF copy of their bill. This option gives customers the payment reminders they need and access to a complete bill for filing and planning purposes. Customers enjoy a hassle-free way to pay their bills without requiring a web portal login or multi-step payment process.
  • KUBRA iDoxs Bill-Pop Feature allows you to externally present a KUBRA-generated and hosted document within the KUBRA iDoxs Suite. 

Find Your Replacement Solution Today

KUBRA iDoxs Suite is a complete cloud-based e-bill and self-serve solution designed to improve customer experience while increasing paperless adoption. Request a demo today and learn how KUBRA can help your organization!