January 15, 2015

Con Edison Provides Greater Transparency to Customers about Gas Leaks with Online Map

On December 17, Con Edison announced the launch of an online map that provides the location of current gas leaks in its service territory along with information about the severity of the leaks. iFactor worked with Con Edison to create the first-of-its-kind map, which is built using iFactor’s EnergySuite Platform.

The gas leaks that are featured on the map are being monitored by Con Edison until they can be scheduled for permanent repair. Often, gas line repairs are scheduled along with other maintenance work due to the expense and inconvenience to customers of shutting off gas flow and excavating streets. The map allows Con Edison to keep customers informed about the ongoing process of maintaining the gas distribution system in their area, including ongoing leak monitoring and repair.


Con Edison gas leak map screenshot with mouseover


While meant to be a source of information for customers, the map is not intended to assist with gas leak reporting. Both on the map and in accompanying materials like the Utility’s gas leak FAQ page, Con Edison urges customers to call 911 or the Utility to report suspected gas leaks.

One such statement says, “If you smell gas, we urge you to report it, even if you think it’s already reflected on this map. There could be a new or worsening leak and we need to check it out right away.” According to Con Edison’s press release about the gas leak map and other measures the Utility is taking to improve its process of monitoring gas leaks, Mark Brownstein, associate vice president of the Environmental Defense Fund said, “Transparency is always the best policy, whether you’re talking about public safety or the environment, and Con Ed is to be commended for taking a national leadership position here.”