April 30, 2019

How Your Customers Can Help Improve Their Community with IncidentWatch Maps

Incidents such as burned out streetlights, downed wires, and more are an unfortunate reality that happens throughout utilities’ service territories. Utilities often don’t have the resources to immediately know when there’s an incident to be reported, so they rely on customers to have a proactive role in improving their community. The KUBRA IncidentWatch map provides an easy-to-use solution for reporting streetlight outages, road damage, downed wires, and overgrown vegetation. The solution helps streamline the  reporting process for both utilities and customers, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Accessible on both mobile and desktop, IncidentWatch provides an online interactive map with tools for address lookup, navigation, and reporting incidents. Users can report incidents using the Incident Report Form that lives within the map. Users can select an asset icon on the map to view information about the asset or report a problem with it. They can also use the map to find the location of the incident and click or tap on the location to open a reporting form. Once reported, customers can check back on the status of the incident, as well as check the status on other existing incidents.

When the end goal is improving the customer experience, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for the customer to report an incident. By having the option to report incidents online, customers are able to self-serve. This reduction in calls to the call center can also result in reduced labor costs for the utility.

IncidentWatch is currently being used for incidents involving streetlight assets, such as a streetlight outage, or overgrown vegetation on power lines. Future plans include adding more assets to the map, such as water leaks, gas leaks, potholes, graffiti, and tree trimming.


See a few examples below of how our clients are currently using the IncidentWatch Maps:


ComEd IncidentWatch Map


Duke Energy IncidentWatch Map


SECO Energy IncidentWatch Map