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Billing and Payments

Meet your policyholders’ growing expectations and improve your days sales outstanding by offering a full range of billing and payment options. KUBRA solutions let policyholders view and pay their premiums by mail, in person, over the phone, online, via email, by text message, or with a native mobile app. Alerts keep customers up to date on account balances, due dates, and payment status. We also offer services for document composition and payment remittance processing.

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Print and Mail

The KUBRA iMail™ solution gives you the tools you need to design and compose business-critical documents and marketing inserts that engage your policyholders. We also provide services at state-of-the-art facilities to print, assemble, finish, and mail documents. With our DocWeb™ software, you can monitor the entire process from data processing to mail delivery in real time.

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Document Archival and Retrieval

Keep all of the documents you need available at any time by transforming data into digital documents which can be rendered as print-ready files or archived online for review. Our document archival solution allows your agents to retrieve and send policy statements, invoices, and other documents with ease.

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Marketing Services

Maximize your investment in documents and other communication tools with our Document Redesign and Adoption Marketing services. Our team of professionals uses research and experience to help make your communications the best they can be, optimizing your marketing budget and improving customer engagement with e-billing.

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Policyholder Communications

Give your customers instant access to policy information and tools for submitting and managing claims with mobile apps. Improve both TCPA compliance and policyholder satisfaction by communicating with policyholders in their channel of choice. Our preference management solution lets your policyholders choose the channels they want you to use to let them know about new policy documents, billing, claims, and more.

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Benefits of KUBRA Solutions

  • Increased Policyholder Satisfaction – Give your policyholders the timely, consistent communication they want.
  • Reduced Cost – Share information and give policyholders digital and self-service options that help streamline your operations and optimize your agents’ valuable time.
  • Leading-Edge Technology – Our cloud-based, integrated solutions help you stay up to date in a world of rapidly evolving mobile and digital technologies.