Retail Cash Payment Network

A large percentage of American households do not have a checking or savings account, are underbanked, or use financial services outside of the banking system. For most of these customers, cash or debit card is the ideal form of payment when it comes to utilities, insurance, and other expenses. By implementing in-person payment solutions, you offer an important customer segment a convenient and easy way to make bill payments the way they prefer most.

Retail Cash Payment Solution

The KUBRA EZ-PAY® Retail Cash Payment (RCP) solution allows your unbanked, underbanked, and cash preference customers to make bill payments with cash at their local retailer using an electronic or printed reusable payment slip at checkout instead of your walk-in payment counters.

The RCP network currently has over 69,000 participating retailers throughout the United States and the number of participating retailers will continue to grow. The user-friendly and dynamic map tool accessed during the RCP process, will assist customers with locating their ideal retail location

Whether your customer is tech-savvy or feels more comfortable using offline materials, our solution accommodates their needs with three different ways to pay with RCP:

  1. Use the barcode provided on the printed bill (dependent upon biller)
  2. Use the barcode from the KUBRA EZ-PAY mobile phone
  3. Use the barcode from the KUBRA EZ-PAY auto-generated printable slip

To make the retail cash experience even more convenient for your customers, the mobile and printed barcodes only need to be generated once and can be reused for all future retail cash payments.

There are several reasons why some customers prefer to pay with cash. Offer them a payment channel they can use with confidence.

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