August 6, 2020

Storm Center Outage Map Receives 4.7 Million Visits in a Single Day as Isaias Hits Northeast

A staggering 2.2 million people were left without power as Tropical Storm Isaias traveled from North Carolina to Canada from August 3-5, 2020. Peak winds hit as fast as 75 mph in parts of New York. While fallen trees, tornadoes, and flooded streets forced residents in other areas to evacuate.

As Isaias continues to power through and damage the Northeast, residents turn to their utilities’ Storm Center outage maps for updates.

On August 4 alone, Storm Center received more than 4.7 million page visits across 14 utilities in the region. These utility customers flocked to Storm Center to view power outages in their areas and access estimated restoration times.

Storm Outage clusters representing power outages cover a Massachusetts utility
Storm Center map during Tropical Storm Isaias.

Tropical Storm Isaias comes when the COVID-19 pandemic is still a top concern in North America. Read our tips for preparing your customers for storm evacuation during COVID-19 to help ensure a safe evacuation.