September 11, 2018

KUBRA Braces for Hurricane Florence

KUBRA prepares its teams and systems to support extensive usage of power outage maps and alert systems.


KUBRA is taking a proactive approach to help clients prepare for the impact of Hurricane Florence. KUBRA has a number of clients located in the path of Hurricane Florence and expects to see extensive use of KUBRA’s customer communications systems including its Storm Center outage maps and Notifi® text, email and voice notification systems.

KUBRA is working to ensure all systems that are managed for clients are ready to handle the needs caused by the approaching storm. In order to prepare for increased usage of the solutions during and after the storm, KUBRA is checking server health, verifying resources are available for any system that may see heightened storm traffic and preparing 24/7 support plans.

Outage maps often receive a staggering amount of traffic during power outages caused by hurricanes and other storms, and it is important that the maps are consistently available to provide the information customers need. Implementations of the KUBRA Notifi alerts and preference management system are also heavily used as customers inform utilities of service disruptions and utilities proactively share storm preparation and outage information with customers.

In 2017, KUBRA had more than 19 clients with Storm Center outage maps affected by hurricanes. KUBRA was able to take proactive measures to ensure all outage maps were available to customers and media stations alike and supported 4.8 million map views. KUBRA also had 12 clients using Notifi that were affected. In total, these utilities sent out 2.1 million messages, including 430,000 proactive outage messages.

To learn more about the 2017 hurricane season and its impact on utility customers and communications, download the White Paper “Outage Maps: The MVP of Hurricane Season 2017.”