July 23, 2020

New Paperless Adoption Savings Calculator–What Is It and How to Use It?

The costs associated with mailing a bill is significant when you break it all down. There’s the paper, printing, postage, labor, and time–it adds up. Some of those same costs also come at the expense of the environment. Improving paperless adoption and driving e-billing not only positively impacts your bottom line by saving you money, but it also helps the environment by eliminating solid waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and saving millions of trees annually. If you’re looking for a way to quantify the benefits of switching paperless on and paper off, the new KUBRA Paperless Adoption Calculator is just the tool you need!


What Is It?

The Paperless Adoption Savings Calculator is a handy web-based calculator that provides quick estimates on how much money your organization can save when it moves customers to paperless billing. It also calculates the cost savings and projected positive environmental impact of specific paperless adoption rates based on your customer base and average number of pages per bill.The data generated by the calculator is based on trusted, independent industry sources and is regularly revised to reflect any updates from the sources providing the data.

Ditch the Mental Math and Complicated Formulas

KUBRA’s Paperless Adoption Savings Calculator is easy to use and can be accessed from any web browser. Just go to the KUBRA website here and input this basic information into the designated form:

  • Number of customers
  • Percentage of customers receiving paper bills
  • Average number of pages per bill

You’ll instantly receive data on both the cost savings and environmental impact tailored to your organization and gain an understanding of other relevant costs. The cost savings view breaks down the estimated annual bill delivery cost based on your percentage of print and mail versus e-bill. These calculations can be easily adjusted using the paperless adoption slider. This slider also enables organizations to compare different paperless adoption percentages to help set paperless adoption goals.

Less Paper, More Savings

The calculator also serves as a decision making tool as it gives you the ability to identify the value in promoting paperless adoption. With a few clicks, it will quickly become clear that the difference in the cost of issuing paper versus electronic bills represents a significant opportunity for savings. In fact, research has shown that there is a per bill savings of 52 cents. That adds up to a savings of approximately $600,000 for every 100,000 customers with paperless adoption. It’s no wonder that moving customers to paperless billing is the number one priority for many organizations.

Going Paperless Is Good For the Planet and Your Brand

It can be challenging to shift customer behavior without hard evidence of the benefits of making a change. The information generated by the calculator gives organizations just that–hard data. Now you can share the savings and positive environmental and social impacts from paperless adoption with your customers through forward-thinking and innovative marketing campaigns across social media, bill inserts, and web banners. Many of your customers are increasingly concerned with their environmental footprint so take this opportunity to highlight what you’re doing, and what they can do, to reduce greenhouse gases, save trees, and minimize solid waste. This information will allow your customers to better visualize the impact of making sustainable choices.

The KUBRA iDoxs® Suite

Start achieving your paperless adoption goals and reducing the costs associated with paper bills with KUBRA iDoxs. This comprehensive cloud-based e-bill and self-serve solution is designed to enhance the customer experience while boosting paperless adoption. By providing consumers with a convenient, secure, and simplified electronic bill platform, you can encourage paperless enrollment and provide insightful tools to support your customers’ needs.

Request a demo today and discover how your organization can save money (and the planet) with the help of KUBRA iDoxs® Suite.