November 17, 2010

Colorado Springs Utilities Selects iFactor Consulting to Provide PowerOn Support

iFactor Consulting has been awarded a contract to provide immediate and ongoing PowerOn support and maintenance for Colorado Springs Utilities. This involves maintenance of all operations of the critical 24×7 Outage Management System. iFactor consultants conduct daily system health and status checks, debug network model and other issues, and ensure PowerOn is running optimally. The daily checks proactively find problems before they have a chance to impede normal operations. iFactor staff are also available after hours and during major events to monitor the system and ensure optimal health and performance. In addition, to better support their data and ensure more accurate reporting, Springs Utilities purchased iFactor’s exclusive PowerOn Data Toolkit which is comprised of the aptly named “EZ Archiver” and the Data Scrubbing Tool (DST). The EZ Archiver enhances the GE product by running archive processes directly from Oracle to Oracle without passing through the Smallworld ACP. This alone increases performance tenfold. The EZ Archiver is easy to run, easy to maintain, and contains multiple checks to ensure there is no data loss. The DST allows for post closure modification of critical outage data, including start and restore times, phase, device, number of customers, and most importantly, regenerates customer interrupt records based on these changed values. The DST ensures that no matter what happened to the data in PowerOn, the numbers will be correct for final reporting to state agencies and other organizations. Colorado Springs Utilities ( employs more than 1,800 people and provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater services to the growing Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Springs Utilities’ service area spans 500 square miles and encompasses residential, industrial, commercial and military/government customers.