May 6, 2014

iFactor and Striata Partner to Offer Robust Push eBill Solution to Utilities

TEMPE, Arizona (May 6, 2014) – iFactor Consulting, a premier developer of mobile apps, real-time outage maps and multi-channel alert and preference management systems for the utility sector, has partnered with secure electronic customer communications specialist, Striata. The partnership will offer a robust push eBill solution to utility companies using the iFactor Notifi® alert and preference management system and iFactor Mobile™ apps. iFactor’s customer communications solutions combined with Striata’s push eBill solution are expected to drive customer engagement and cost efficiencies for utilities.
“Our partnership with Striata reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the most comprehensive and technology-forward solutions for utility customer communications,” said iFactor CEO and President Shazir Khan. “We believe the Striata push eBill solution offers utilities the right combination of security and convenience for customers.”
Striata US COO Mia Papanicolaou says: “This partnership is a great union of powerful mobile tools and enhanced email billing. It will provide utilities with a robust communication solution to meet all their customer requirements and we’re excited to bring the partnership to market.”
The Striata push eBill solution delivers bills directly to the customer’s email inbox, streamlining their billing experience by enabling them to view and pay their bills directly from a secure PDF document. Designed to work on desktop or mobile devices, the solution also offers one-click eBill enrollment (for customers with active email addresses) and one-click payment for customers who have opted to save their payment information to speed future transactions.
Striata’s eBill solution will be delivered to utility customers using iFactor’s Notifi alert and preference management system and iFactor Mobile applications.

About iFactor Consulting

iFactor Consulting develops customer communications solutions for the utility sector, delivering information to more than 100 million people in North America through deployments at more than 40 utilities. iFactor’s solutions are changing the way utilities approach customer communications, allowing utilities to leverage connected technologies such as the web, mobile web and smartphones to interact with the customers’ channel of choice. Visit for more information.

About Striata

Striata unlocks the power of email and mobile messaging
Our electronic delivery solutions dramatically increase customer adoption of paperless bills, statements, policies and other eDocuments. This allows our clients to achieve ongoing cost savings; accelerates payments; enhances the customer experience and enables regulatory compliance.
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