December 9, 2011

iFactor Consulting provides online streetlight outage reporting tool for Gulf Power

Lights Out - example graphic

Gulf Power introduced a new online tool for streetlight outage reporting and status updates.  The tool, (SLO), was developed and implemented by iFactor Consulting.  SLO provides a method for Gulf Power customers to easily locate streetlights by pole number, address, or general location by visiting  Streetlights in Gulf Power’s service territory are displayed on a Microsoft Bing Maps platform, with each streetlight represented by a green icon.  To submit a report, customers simply click on the icon and complete a short form.  After the form is submitted, the streetlight icon on the map turns red, indicating that there is a known outage for the light and preventing submission of duplicate reports.

Once an outage report is completed in the SLO portal, an email notification is sent to Gulf Power that includes pertinent information about the outage.  If the light report is linked to an asset in Gulf Power’s database, that light’s known attributes are included in the report, including items such as wattage, pole number, light type, etc.  SLO also provides additional information such as a reverse-geocoded address, latitude and longitude, problem type, and contact information for the customer who submitted the report.  These detailed reports increase the efficiency and speed with which Gulf Power crews can locate and fix streetlight outages.

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Gulf Power has committed to repairing all streetlight reports within five days of submission, so the SLO tool is configured to automatically update an outage as repaired after five days.  Once the light status changes to “repaired”, the icon on the map becomes green again, indicating a working light.  For special cases that require more than five days repair time, a Gulf Power employee can use the SLO management console to change a light status to “in progress” and add a comment to the report.  The comment and updated light status are automatically emailed to the customer who submitted the report, notifying them that the repair time will exceed the standard five day window.

Headquartered in beautiful Pensacola, FL, Gulf Power is an investor-owned electric utility with all of its common stock owned by Atlanta-based Southern Company.  Gulf Power serves 428,154 customers in 71 towns and communities throughout Northwest Florida.  Their top priority is taking care of their customers.  “With that in mind, the StreetLightOutages tool made perfect sense for us to implement,” says Kenny Folsom, Lighting Team Leader.  “It enables our customers to quickly and easily notify us of a light in need of repair.  With a couple of clicks of the mouse the light is reported to Gulf Power and the customer receives confirmation that ‘we got it’”.

About iFactor Consulting iFactor Consulting is the leading provider of intelligent web and mobile solutions designed exclusively for the utility industry.  Their integrated suite includes industry leading interactive outage maps, custom smartphone application development, proactive and interactive utility notifications via text, voice & e-mail and an interactive street light outage solution. They also offer consulting services on outage management and outage communications.  iFactor solutions enhance the online customer experience and fully integrate with utility back office systems.

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