April 18, 2011

iFactor’s Web Maps Connector now supports Google Maps

iFactor Consulting’s Web Maps Connector (WMC) seamlessly integrates data and services from various mapping platforms with your existing Smallworld-based applications, eliminating costs for landbase and aerial image maintenance by leveraging the power of internet web services. The iFactor team is always hard at work finding additional providers to deliver access to high-resolution imagery and up-to-date street maps. We are excited to announce that WMC now supports Google Maps (Satellite, Road, Hybrid, and Terrain layers) and Google Web Services (Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding, and Driving Directions)! WMC currently supports Microsoft Bing Maps, Digital Map Product’s ParcelStream, and OpenStreetMap, among others. Enabling access to Google Maps will allow WMC users the flexibility of another data source option in areas that might not be as well served by these existing data vendors. With access to such a variety of mapping vendors, you no long need to acquire, host, and maintain this type of data internally. Current WMC customers with a Google Maps Premier account may configure their own Google Maps Premier transactions for use with WMC. iFactor is able to sell map and web service transactions to WMC customers who do not have access to a Google Maps Premier account. For the ultimate in WMC coverage, ask us about our Web Maps Connector Premier User licensing, which includes a combination of Google, Bing, and various other open layers in one license.