February 1, 2017

KUBRA Announces New Storm Center Outage Map Edition

Tempe, Arizona (February 1, 2017) — KUBRA, the leading customer experience management solution provider to the utility industry, today announced the release of its new Storm Center Swift product.

In recent years, interactive outage maps have become a well-known best practice for utilities. In fact, according to Chartwell, almost 90% of the 150 largest utilities in the electric industry now offer online outage maps – impressive growth from the 25% in 2008. In sharp contrast, small utilities, municipalities and co-ops with more limited resources have struggled to adopt outage maps that implement the same set of advanced features, comprehensive data and mobile capabilities.

storm center swift_screen1As the leading provider of outage maps, KUBRA set out to address this issue, and has revolutionized the options available to smaller utilities. “It is with great pride that we announce the release of a new multi-tenant edition of Storm Center, code-named ‘Swift,’” said KUBRA CEO Rick Watkin. “This edition of the Storm Center product was developed to provide a cost-effective solution that is easy to implement and operate, which enables our team to bring the power of Storm Center to more utilities.”

On February 14, 2017, KUBRA will host an informational webinar in which attendees will:

  • Receive an overview of Storm Center Swift, a dynamic outage map built to support easy, off-the-shelf deployment with the same robust features of the enterprise-level solution.
  • Learn about the configurable features capable of being built into the product. These include summarized outage data, flexible map views, and standard reports.
  • Experience how utility customers will be able to view and interact with the map across any connected device.

For more information about the webinar or to register, click here.


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