February 6, 2019

KUBRA Announces Technology Trends Powering Up Utilities in 2019

TEMPE, ARIZONA (FEBRUARY 07, 2019) KUBRA, the leading customer experience management solution provider, announced a new white paper covering top technology trends companies should prepare for in 2019.

“In today’s age of connectivity, understanding where technology is headed is crucial to customer engagement,” said KUBRA President and CEO Rick Watkin. “As utilities and municipalities continue to focus on the customer, KUBRA looks forward to keeping pace with emerging technologies to support our partners in providing exceptional customer experiences.”

Customer satisfaction and technology are setting the stage for the future of utilities and government entities. Companies like Amazon and Netflix have shakin up various industries and their impact on customer expectations means the utility and government industries must also keep up. The start of this new year is the time to identify and act on the technologies that will be shaping 2019.


The five key trends identified in the white paper include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Still Points to Mobile in 2019 – Mobile payment options continue to positively impact customer satisfaction driving companies to explore the various mobile payment channels consumers are actively using.
  • More Familiarity with Artificial Intelligence in 2019 – Companies like Netflix are getting consumers to embrace artificial intelligence making room for more opportunities to connect via emerging technologies through solutions like KUBRA IQ.
  • Utilities Strive for Better Outage Communications in 2019 – Even with ubiquity in utility mapping, the large gap in consumer communications remains a barrier to satisfaction.
  • Data Security: The Biggest Barrier for 2019 – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will keep companies on their toes, driving more investments in security and building consumer trust.
  • Biometrics to Hit the Payment Space in 2019 – Security and convenience continues to drive the behavior of most consumers and employing biometrics will meets these expectations.

Learn more about these major trends in the KUBRA white paper, “Mobile Payments, Data Security, and Biometrics: Trends to Watch in 2019.” To download the white paper, visit https://kubra.com/resources/white-papers/2019-trends/.



KUBRA provides customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility and government entities across North America. Our portfolio includes billing and payments, mapping, mobile apps, proactive communications, and artificial intelligence solutions for customers. With more than 1.5 billion customer interactions annually, KUBRA services reach over 40% of households in the U.S. and Canada. KUBRA is an operating subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation. Visit www.kubra.com for more information.