January 30, 2017

KUBRA Announces Trends Utilities Should Watch for in 2017

Tempe, Arizona (January 30, 2017) — Today, KUBRA, the leading customer experience management solution provider to the utility industry, announced a new white paper covering top technology trends companies should watch for in 2017.

“Embracing the current technology climate is imperative to successful business operations and an engaged customer base,” said KUBRA President and CEO Rick Watkin. “As utilities move to engage customers in this era of surging technological advancements, KUBRA looks forward to supporting our partners with leading-edge customer experience technologies.”

Young man using virtual reality headset.Evolving technologies set the pace for every industry. As other industries adopt tools and processes to address these technologies, it is critical for the utility industry to keep in step. Utility providers are able to better serve individual customers and the industry as a whole by identifying and responding to pivotal technology trends within the market.

The four key trends identified in the white paper include:

  • The World is Getting Smarter – Artificial Intelligence, smart homes, social media and automated messaging are all changing the way consumers expect to interact with not only their environment, but also their service providers.
  • Sustainability and the Rise of Electric Power are Becoming a Priority – Alternative energy, energy storage and electric vehicle use rank high on the list of priorities for consumers.
  • Mobile Apps Permeate Every Aspect of Life – Mobile app usage continues to rise, with the most popular apps making everyday tasks easier. Companies that use native app functionality intelligently are establishing a loyal group of users.
  • Customer Expectations Continue to Rise – Convenience, speed, improved communications and new “realities” are challenging businesses to meet growing consumer demands.

Learn more about these major trends and how they may impact utilities in the KUBRA white paper “Trends to Watch for in 2017.” To download the white paper, visit http://kubra.com/resources/trends-to-watch-for-in-2017/.

KUBRA provides customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility, insurance and government entities across North America. Our portfolio of meter-to-cash and outage communication solutions includes billing and payment, mapping, mobile apps and proactive communications solutions for customers. With more than 1 billion customer experiences annually, KUBRA provides performance-driven value to more than 550 clients every day. KUBRA is an operating subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation. Visit http://www.kubra.com for more information.