March 25, 2020

KUBRA & COVID-19 Update – We Are in This Together!

KUBRA is continuing to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation, recognizing that keeping your customers safe and informed is your top priority. To that end, here is some additional information on what we are doing and some potential service options for you to consider to support your customers.

Mail Service
We are monitoring both the USPS and Canada Post daily to determine any SLA impacts due to reduced delivery capacity. In the event of a disruption, KUBRA will notify you about any impacts to our SLAs. You may find more information on the safety measures KUBRA is taking, and the safety of mail service in general during this time, here.

We are in this together and KUBRA is here to help.
To help you navigate these difficult times, we have put together some useful resources that will allow you to communicate better with your customers by leveraging the KUBRA tools you already have.

  • Billing and Payments
    • Increase Visibility and Ease of Access for KUBRA EZ-PAY
    • Alerts and Notifications with KUBRA iDoxs
    • Personalized Document Messaging with KUBRA iMail
  • Customer Communications
    • Alert Banners Using Storm Center
    • Mass Communications with Notifi
    • Plot Testing Centers with IncidentWatch

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In these unprecedented times, we remain committed to supporting you and keeping you informed.


Rick Watkin
CEO and President