On-Demand Payments

Building customer loyalty can be as easy as providing a flexible, on-demand, payment options that support a variety of payment types and a multitude of payment channels. Whether your customers prefer to pay online, over the phone, or in-person, by check, credit card, debit card, or cash, they rely on you to make it happen. From mobile apps to self-service kiosks, and even local retailers, KUBRA EZ-PAY supports the channels your customers are on and the payment types your customers use.



Comprehensive Payment Application

The KUBRA EZ-PAY on-demand payment application is an all-inclusive solution that supports both enrolled and non-enrolled customer payments. By implementing KUBRA EZ-PAY, you will allow customers to make last-minute, on-demand payments through digital, voice, or in-person channels such as online and mobile, automated IVR and call centers, and retail cash and self-service kiosks. Not only will your customers gain the flexibility of payment channels, but KUBRA EZ-PAY will also broaden their payment type options to include credit cards, ACH, PIN-less debit, Visa® debit, and debit MasterCard®.

Real-Time Payment Processing

KUBRA EZ-PAY provides real-time account and authorization tools, and direct feeds into multiple credit card processors, debit ATM networks, and ACH originators. To make account management easier, you gain access to a consolidated dashboard that supports payer reconciliation, returns management, reporting, and payment administration. These powerful tools are wrapped up in a cloud-based package that eliminates the need for you or your customers to install or run applications on their own computers or services. You can rely on KUBRA to perform quick software updates and management that provide the latest features and functionality without weighing down your resources.

Advanced Features

Your customers will be thrilled to have access to a series of features included within the enrolled account platform. The KUBRA EZ-PAY account features are designed to simplify and shorten the time it takes to make a payment. The ability to configure payments by text message and email, access a digital wallet containing preferred payment cards, and review previous bill amounts are a few tools that will encourage timely payments that are easy and convenient. A feature provided to all KUBRA EZ-PAY users, one-time users included, is instant payment processing. Any last-minute payments are processed instantly to help your customers avoid late fees or service disconnections.

Retail Cash Payment Network

As a cash payment network aggregator, KUBRA can give you a true omni-channel payment solution that satisfies the needs of every customer type. With the KUBRA Retail Cash Payment Solution, your customers will have access to over 60,000 tier-one retail locations to quickly pay their bills with cash, and you will have access to a consolidated dashboard for detailed insights into your customers’ payments.

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Self-Service Kiosk

Give your customers an in-person payment channel that can accommodate busy schedules, eliminate wait times, and keep customers happy. With KUBRA Self-Service Kiosks, implement indoor, outdoor, through-wall, and drive through kiosk models to satisfy those who choose to pay bills after regular business hours or simply do not want to wait in line at a counter. A quick and easy kiosk will get your customers paid and on their way in under 3 minutes, leaving them satisfied and your customer service representatives available to address more pressing matters.

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Next-Generation Payment Security

Providing utilities, insurance, and government entities with the highest level of security when accepting payments is a top priority for KUBRA. Data protection is so important that not only is KUBRA PCI level 1 compliant, we’ve joined the PCI Security Standards Council as a Participating Organization. KUBRA doesn’t settle for conventional tokenization, we implemented secure stateless tokenization, a next-generation, high-performance solution designed by cryptographic experts. Plus, encryption is implemented at every point of the payment process to give every client peace of mind.