March 5, 2020

The Latest Version of KUBRA EZ-PAY is Here with a Sleek New User Interface and More!

We’re thrilled to announce that KUBRA has released its latest version of KUBRA EZ-PAY. This on-demand payment platform provides utilities, government entities, and insurance agencies with secure payment acceptance across multiple digital, voice, and in-person channels and better overall payment experience for customers.

The latest version of KUBRA EZ-PAY elevates the user experience through aesthetic enhancements and added tools that make the payment process more convenient than ever before. A new progress bar and intuitive layout guides users through a simple payment process making it even easier for your customers to pay their bills when, where, and how they want. 

Top new KUBRA EZ-PAY features include:

  • Payment Cart – Shopping cart functionality has been added to the payment process. This new feature allows your customers to easily organize and pay multiple accounts and invoices all at once from a single payment flow. This eliminates the need to restart the process for each transaction and unifies the payment experience for all supported features of KUBRA EZ-PAY.
  • Recurring U.S. Payments – The Smart Payments autopay functionality within the Payment Center can now be activated in the United States. This is easily supported through AMEX, MasterCard, Discover, and PIN-less debit cards. Visa is also supported if a waiver is provided by Visa for recurring payments.
  • Improved User Interface – With customer feedback in mind, KUBRA has applied further updates to the user interface for a more intuitive experience. The refreshed interface improves the payment flow and seamlessly integrates with new features such as the revised landing page, Payment Cart, donations, multiple payment types, direct landing, and more.
  • Apple Pay – KUBRA continues to grow its notably expansive network of payment channels with Apple Pay. This partnership allows your customers to process their bill payments using Apple Pay from their mobile device or desktop Safari browser, among other convenient payment channels.

Request a demo to learn more about the latest version of KUBRA EZ-PAY and improve your digital payments.