March 31, 2020

Top Reasons Why KUBRA EZ-PAY® Is the Perfect Solution for Your Company

For many of your customers, paying bills is one of their least favorite things to do. It’s a tall order to make it fun, but you can certainly make it easy! Take some of the stress out of the payment experience for your customers by offering convenient, secure, and simple ways to pay so they can get on with doing the things they actually want to do. Here’s how.

A Convenient Bill Payment Experience

We all know that convenience and choice are key players in the customer experience. To meet the needs of consumers today, KUBRA EZ-PAY offers a variety of ways to make the payment process quick and easy by: 

  • Guest Payments – Customers can make bill payments as a guest, removing the requirement to create an account, remember a password, or spend time logging in and out of their accounts. 
  • Storing Payment Information – By signing up for a Payment Center, customers can store payment/bank account details for future payments, configure payment reminders by text/email, arrange automatic payments, and save biller information for quick access to biller contact details, and bill history.
  • Offering Real-Time Payments – Enabling real-time payment processing takes the worry out of late payments, giving customers more time to make a payment. Billers on the KUBRA EZ-PAY network can view payments made in real time and acknowledge their customers’ payments instantly to prevent unnecessary cutoffs and/or late fees.
  • Combining Multiple Payments – The payment cart allows customers to conveniently pay multiple bills at once using the same payment flow. It also provides the flexibility to assign a different payment method to each of the bills in the payment cart, allowing customers to pay their gas bill with their Visa card and their energy bill with their American Express card, for example.

More Payment Channels

Generational differences, socio-economic disparities, and plain old personal preferences dictate how your customers want to make payments. Give your customers the flexibility to pay their bills in a way that suits them through these KUBRA EZ-PAY channels:

  • Digital – Desktop, responsive mobile, mobile apps, and two-way text messages are all available for those who prefer digital channels.
  • In-Person Payments – Kiosks, retail cash stores, and POS machines offer convenient options for your unbanked/underbanked customers, those who prefer to pay with cash, and those who regularly visit your walk-in centers.
  • Voice – Swift IVR and secure PCI-compliant call center payment options allow customers who prefer picking up the phone to make bill payments to do so through a live agent or automated system.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Smart speakers, social media, and website chatbots will excite customers who embrace all that’s new in technology. These solutions can deliver around-the-clock customer service, a secure way to pay, and billing information such as the due date and amount due.

The Latest Payment Methods Available

In simpler times, there were only a handful of payment methods you had to worry about. Definitely not the case today. But don’t worry, we stay on top of all the latest payment trends so you don’t have to. KUBRA EZ-PAY has the functionality to accept a wide variety of payment methods, including:

  • Credit card and debit card – American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover–you name it and KUBRA EZ-PAY can accept it. You tell us which payment methods you want to accept and our solution will meet both your business’ and your customers’ expectations. 
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) – Give your customers the option to do away with checks and credit card payments by debiting money directly from their bank account through an ACH.
  • Cash – Cash is still king for some of your customers but that shouldn’t mean they don’t have access to convenient ways to pay. KUBRA EZ-PAY can accept cash payments outside of walk-in centers through retail locations and KUBRA kiosks.
  • Digital wallets – 2020 is bringing numerous digital wallet payment options to KUBRA EZ-PAY to both delight your tech-savvy customers and meet your customers’ evolving expectations.

Alleviates Worry Around Security

By leveraging the most advanced technology, you’re able to deliver unmatched security, giving your customers the confidence to make payments online. 

  • Encryption – Encryption protects customer data by using an algorithm to transform plain text information into a readable form. 
  • Secure Stateless Technology (SST) – SST safeguards data by turning a meaningful piece of data, like an account number, into a string of characters called a token which has no meaningful value if breached.

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