August 29, 2017

Central Hudson Keeps Employees Informed with New Internal Alerts

In January 2017, Central Hudson deployed their new Internal Alerts system for employees, marking the very first implementation of the new KUBRA Notifi Internal Alerts module.

The Internal Alerts module is a feature of the newest version of Notifi and is accessible through Central Hudson’s EnergySuite Admin Console. Both the Notifi upgrade and Admin Console were launched to Central Hudson’s environment back in early December 2016, along with an upgraded Storm Center map.  

The new Internal Alerts feature is built to give utilities the ability to define and create employee alerts, based on their needs. Once the alert types and triggers were defined by Central Hudson, Notifi and Internal Alerts began working together for seamless alert delivery and management.

With this implementation, employees can now manage their alert preferences through the Internal Alerts tool in the EnergySuite Admin Console. Users can choose their preferred channel as well as alerts desired, in order to better monitor outage situations and improve proactive communications with customers.

These opt-in alerts for employees are triggered based on thresholds set by Central Hudson for system-wide outages, customers affected by outages per District, and wire-down orders. Alerts can be sent as either text messages or email messages and follow templates such as:

  • There is an outage in District X affecting N customers.
  • There is an outage in Central Hudson service territory affecting N customers.
  • There are wires down in the following areas: Catskill-N, Kingston-N, Poughkeepsie-N, Fishkill-N, Newburgh-N.


Central Hudson is able to control employee access to the list of alerts, so that only alerts relevant to employees are available in their preferences list. The screenshot to the left shows an example of how an employee would manage which alerts they receive, though the list available will vary employee to employee.

In addition to the alerts themselves, the new Internal Alerts feature also provides a new user interface, and core changes to the currently implemented Notifi. With these changes, Central Hudson employees can now create and enroll contacts into a pre-approved list of Internal Alerts programs, as well as manage their personal customer alerts through the portal for added convenience.






About Central Hudson

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