December 22, 2016

Central Hudson Upgrades Notifi and Storm Center

Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation serves approximately 300,000 electric customers in the Mid-Hudson River Valley. On December 7, 2016, Central Hudson implemented upgrades to its latest KUBRA products: Notifi, Storm Center, and the Administrative Console. The company has also transitioned Storm Center from its on-premise resources to KUBRA’s EnergySuite cloud-hosted platform.



Central Hudson’s Notifi solution, My Alerts, automatically delivers SMS text and email messages to customers based on a set of communication preferences. The product includes default and supplemental contacts, aggregated messaging, over-messaging protection, and broadcast message scheduling.

In addition to the already existing outage, billing, and payment alerts, the new upgrade includes an enhancement to Central Hudson’s payment (PAY) preference management. The enhancement adds notifications to alert customers when a payment is due in X days (as defined by the customer), and when a payment is received or returned on their account. The PAY option also now includes a duplicate payment safeguard, in case a customer tries to pay on their account more than one time in 24 hours, prior to their text payment posting to their account.

In order to allow customers to best take advantage of My Alerts, Central Hudson has a dedicated page on its website that includes an instructional video, instructions on how to register, command text codes available, and more. For even further info, Central Hudson has made a FAQs page easily accessible.




Storm Center

The upgrade to Storm Center includes an improved user interface modeled after Google Maps. Storm Center’s web-based outage map leverages the latest web technologies and is built as a responsive design to allow for viewing on all screen sizes. The upgraded map now offers a weather radar loop over Central Hudson’s service territory, plus map information available in Spanish.

The outage map can be easily accessed through Central Hudson’s homepage. Plus, the map itself, as seen in the picture below, has a link to sign up for the newly updated My Alerts service. This feature allows Central Hudson to take advantage of the increased traffic to the outage map typically experienced during a storm to improve alert enrollment, while simultaneously keeping users informed.




In addition to the user-facing product updates, Central Hudson also migrated its Storm Center to KUBRA’s cloud-hosted solution with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This helps to simplify the integration at Central Hudson by eliminating OMS-specific dependencies and improving stability and performance.


EnergySuite Admin Console

The EnergySuite Admin Console includes tools for managing Notifi and Storm Center in the same interface. Central Hudson has now also implemented an employee-only, user-based feature for Internal Alerts, controlled within the administrative console. This newly-designed feature includes proactive SMS and email employee alerts for when there are more than 5,000 customers without power system-wide and when a threshold is met for number of wires down system-wide and per district.