July 26, 2017

Eversource Keeps Over 3 Million Users Informed With Added Two-Way Text Messaging

In July 2017, Eversource launched updates to its Notifi Alerts and Preference Management System. The updates added Notifi functionality in the form of added two-way SMS text messaging and proactive communications regarding planned outages.

The Notifi two-way text messaging rollout means that Eversource customers can now report outages without calling into the Eversource call center. To register, users can simply text “REG” to the Eversource shortcode, though the Preference Center is still available for customers who prefer to register online. Once registered, customers can text “OUT” to report an outage to their account, or “STAT” to receive up-to-date status information about outages affecting their account. With this added functionality, over three million Eversource customers are able to report their outages via text message.

In addition to the added text message functionality, Eversource customers will now receive information about planned outages affecting their accounts. Prior to the rollout, customers received limited communications regarding planned outages happening in their area. Now, customers will receive real-time outage information about new, updated, and restored planned outages affecting their accounts according to their prefered communication channel: email, voice, or text message.

In order to provide the highest level of customer service, Eversource has pre-enrolled its entire customer base into outage alerts, according to their communication preferences, if known. This ensures that customers will remain informed of any planned or unplanned outages to their accounts. In accordance with the new TCPA ruling, customers who did not previously enroll themselves in the alerts program will still receive alerts about information related to outages or changes in their account.


About Eversource

Eversource (NYSE: ES) transmits and delivers electricity and natural gas for approximately 3.7 million electric and natural gas customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Recognized as the top U.S. utility for its energy efficiency programs by the sustainability advocacy organization Ceres, Eversource harnesses the commitment of its approximately 8,000 employees across three states to build a single, united company around the mission of safely delivering reliable energy and superior customer service. For more information, please visit our website (www.eversource.com) and follow us on Twitter (@EversourceCorp) and Facebook (facebook.com/EversourceEnergy).