October 27, 2016

Q&A with Hearst: KUBRA’s New Logo Represents Renewed Commitment to Superior Customer Experience

On October 27, Hearst published a Q&A with KUBRA President and CEO Rick Watkin about KUBRA’s recent rebranding. In the article, Watkin shares information about the rebranding, which represents the evolution of KUBRA’s mission and solution offering, and discusses the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and improving the consumer experience.


KUBRA just rebranded with a new logo and website. Can you talk about how the new branding represents the company’s mission?

Rick Watkin: Our legacy logo represented the KUBRA billing and payment offerings, which brought together print and digital solutions in one platform. We saw a need to change that symbolism because our current solution offerings go beyond billing and payments to other areas of consumers’ relationships with their service providers. In addition, we’re now looking at our solutions in a different way than the categories of “print” and “digital.” We wanted our new logo and website to represent the progress of our solutions from customer interaction tools to customer experience solutions.

How does the new logo celebrate KUBRA’s legacy while also looking towards its future?

Watkin: The new logo adapts elements from the legacy logo, including our color palette and the general shape. For the new logo, we’ve adjusted the elements from the legacy logo to form the shape of the letter “K,” which allows our new logo “bug” to act as the new symbol of KUBRA. The logo also references the idea of bringing groups together using the KUBRA platform, which we feel is at the core of our solutions. We’re re-engineering the connections between consumers and their service providers to create a whole range of improved customer experiences.

You can read the full article on the Hearst website.