October 18, 2017

KUBRA Solutions Keep Customers Informed During Hurricane Nate

Hurricane Nate, the latest storm in a historically active hurricane season, swept through states along the Gulf Coast as a Category 1 storm. Hurricane Nate made landfall in the U.S. twice within its lifespan, first in Louisiana and second in Mississippi, before decreasing back down to a tropical storm.

Over 67,000 homes lost power over the course of the storm, with Alabama bearing the brunt of the power loss. Fortunately, the hurricane did not hit with the same intensity of destructive winds and rainwater of its predecessors, and most damage was contained to homes near the shoreline. As utilities rushed to restore power to customers across the Gulf States, many customers were able to utilize self-service solutions to remain up-to-speed on repairs.

Key communication channels during the storm included email, voice, text, and push notifications. The KUBRA Notifi product helps utilities send out alerts through all of these channels and allows customers to manage their own communication preferences. These alerts can include proactive alerts from the utility, as well as two-way messaging regarding the status of outages, billing reminders, and more. Prior to the storm, over 5.3 million customer contacts were enrolled to receive alerts through Notifi implementations at Entergy, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, Mississippi Power, and SMECO.

Between Thursday, October 5 and Friday, October 15, Notifi was used to send out over 560,000 messages, including over 47,500 proactive outage alerts letting customers know that the utility was aware of their outage. The largest customer use of Notifi during the storm, other than registrations, was reporting outages, with about 38,000 outages reported. Customer registrations in Notifi saw a spike as well, with almost 11,400 contacts enrolling through two-way text messaging alone.

In addition to Notifi implementations, KUBRA also has several Storm Center outage maps deployed in the affected states, which saw over 162,000 combined views during the course of the storm. This dynamic tool is extremely useful to not only keep customers and the media informed, but providing an easy way to report outages and to track the overall outage status of the service territory.

While the hurricane season appears to have calmed down for now, KUBRA will continue providing consistent and reliable service to our clients, while improving our systems for any storms to come.


To see what the outage maps in the area looked like during the peak of the storms, view screenshots below.


Alabama Power


Duke Energy Florida

See live map here.


Entergy Louisiana

See live map here.


Entergy New Orleans

See live map here.


Entergy Mississippi

See live map here.


Georgia Power

See live map here.


Gulf Power

See live map here.


Mississippi Power

See live map here.